Assassins EP

by Lost Orchards

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released November 11, 2010


all rights reserved



Lost Orchards Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Lucy Hale
Hold my useless hands
Close to your chest
Pictures you might find
In the pockets of my vest
Please don’t get upset
Please don’t get upset
They are all actresses compared to you

Always to tyrants we’ll sing
As the song of Maryland rings
The despot’s heel is on the shore
And he holds his torch at the temple door
We’ll light the streets of Baltimore

I love you, Lucy Hale (x3)
Do you love me too?

The sound of a drive-in film
Comes through on the AM dial
The engine burns in your driveway
And we listen for a while
Please don’t get upset
Please don’t get upset

We’ll burst these tyrant chains
As your sister watches from the window pane
Your mother’s standing at the door
And your father’s boots pace the floor
We’ll light the streets of Baltimore


I can see you on the grass, watching all the cars pass
From a folding chair outside, with a blanket overtop your thighs
On just another Thursday night
The campfire’s burning…
The sweetest words I ever wrote
We’re written on the back of an envelope
You’re reading by the firelight
Everyone else is getting high
Tomorrow all the schools are closed
No one tells us where to go
You’re reading by the firelight
Everyone else is getting high

Track Name: To All the Women of Oneida, New York
To all the women of Oneida
You’re gonna love me soon
To all the men in high places
Judging all the races
From your smoke filled rooms
You’ll know me too

To all the women of Oneida
Keep me in your prayers
Carve my name into silver
Lord, Lord I’ll be delivered
From all the devil’s snares
I’ll be repaired

Glory, glory, glory

To all the women of Oneida
I always loved you most
When I’m swinging from the gallows
Don’t feel any sorrow
When they cut me from that post
I’ll be your ghost

Glory, glory, glory
Track Name: Millennial Visions
You thought I was a spy
But no government could hold me
When enemies lord over me
I’ll do what I must
Never ending circles
Gather around the sun
The same light shines
On the wicked and the just

Leave your chains to rust (x2)

Millennial visions haunted me
But I loved it when you said
The end of the world
Is no time for a pacifist
Warnings in newspapers
Gossip in those circles
I swear to you
I have the heart of an anarchist

Leave your chains to rust
Leave the water running
Leave your house to dust
Leave the fire burning
Leave your family behind

The exposition glows
But will be gone in a year
Societies decay
But the soul of man lives on
Churches and schools
Offices and factories
Will die a thousand deaths
Before I die once

Leave your chains to rust (x2)
Track Name: Heat Without Light
They caught me inside the theater
In a cheap double feature
It’s a sad cry of battle
Movies bend like forever
Through beat up projectors
Humming over my shoulder

You were home with your mother
She learned from the anchor
Like everyone else
Her tears smelled like cigarettes
On a black and white TV set
Through rabbit ear signals

Now I feel heat without light (x3)

I’m sorry you changed your name
And hid from the cameras
You were beautiful girls
I never got to explain
Why it all happened
Why I let you down

Now I feel heat without light (x3)

I left some money on the table
For you and your sister
I hope you are fine
The grass needs cut every weekend
If I can’t be there
It’ll just have to grow

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